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30 Aug 2012

Kan alla designa och skapa en webbsida på 3 minuter?

skapa en webbsida på 3 min

Nu har vi kört igång vår utmaning. Kan både du och jag skapa fantastiska webbsidor som funkar på alla mobiler, plattor och skärmar utan att kunna en enda rad kod och inte vara speciellt datorkunniga? Det är dags för alla VD:ar och marknadsansvariga att själva ta kontroll över sin webbplats och prata i realtid på bloggar och i sociala media. Alla som är intresserade av att prova och se hur långt de hinner med sin . Vi har bett de absolut bästa designarna i världen att göra teman till dig och deras teman kommer att komma upp löpande under hösten. Det är bara att välja ett tema och med några enkla klick, lägga upp företagets logga och profil. På några minuter har du ett proffsverktyg där du kan analysera din marknadsföring och lägga upp nyhetsbrev. Se hur det går för de företagare som har skapat en hemsida på 3 minuter.  Du kan också själv prova att skapa en hemsida på 3 minuter.

Andra företag som skapat hemsidor på ett par minuter (Bright Selection, ledarstöd, Animalcenter, Nohedensväxter, hentec)

30 May 2012

New logo for SafeFlow

SafeFlow got a new logo

If you want a IT-partner that feels secure, fast and trusted, SafeFlow is a must. We are proud to reveal their new logo and branding. Check their website here.


8 Nov 2011

Future of Web Design NYC 2011

Josh Clark

Fantastic Monday at #FOWD. We think these picture will speak for themselves. Enjoy everybody!

View Markus photos.

14 Oct 2011

Manhattan creativity boost

Mimmin team goes to New York

If you are in New York in the beginning of November. Don't miss the opportunity to collaborate and have fun with the Mimmin Team. We will change the scenery for a week to get new vibes and boost our creativity and will be working from the lower Manhattan. When not working our socks off, we will be attending Future of Web Design (FOWD). Meet you all there.

9 Aug 2011

Check your health once in a while :)

Adocto - health control

You do no longer need to queue at the Swedish "vårdcentraler" to get your health checked. Now everybody can get an appointment easily booked via the web on Read the pressrelease at

29 Jun 2011

Come and celebrate at the International Innovation Fair in Stockholm, Sweden

4-7 October 2011 inventors, from all over the world, gather in Stockholm for an exciting week of celebration. The celebration takes place at Sweden’s first International Innovation Fair. In cooperation with the Technical Fair in Stockholm we here create a meeting point for sharps brains and brave innovators from all over the world.

19 May 2011

Sharing knowledge @FOWD, London 2011

What is happening in our Industry right now? What will the Future hold? Imagine you fill a room with more than 400 people living/breathing/doing the same passion that yourself and that you will be able to engage, discuss and compare different angels of the Future of Web Design during three days. All in a very informal way, sitting on bean bags or whilst grabbing a coffee.  An amazing line of speakers covering different topics of Web Design. We would especially like to thank the speakers; Elliot Jay Stocks, Aarron Walther, Dan Rubin and Aral Balkan for caring for us, the attendees and staying around for the whole conference. That was warm hearting. #FOWD.

2 Apr 2011

Therapists + Snowfire = TRUE

Årsmöte kroppsterapeuterna 2011

Swedens largest association for manual therapists, the Swedish Association of Body workers, Kroppsterapeuterna, has choosen Snowfire as a webplatform for their 4 600 members. Today at their annual meeting at Aronsborg in Bålsta, we showed the therapists how easily they will be able to create their own sites.

23 Feb 2011

Space launch

Our friends at KTH, Stockholm’s Royal Institute of Technology, launched their SQUID project into space this morning. The launch was a success and the team used their Snowfire website,, as the main hub for linking together all their different social networks and live streams. 

SQUID was born out of the wish for being able to carry out multi-point measurements of conditions in Earth's ionosphere. Such measurements are important for the understanding of the aurora, but also for the planning of space missions and satellite programmes.


Watch the launch video on YouTube (Skip ahead to 1:05)

20 Feb 2011

Who wants to pay 75 000 SEK?

Whilst painting our walls in our new headquarter on the rooftop, we came up with a bright idea. Let's use a service that we have built for a client and check prices and hopefully get the job done. A few hours later we had six answers that ranged from 10 000 SEK to 75 000 SEK. Woah! is a great service for comparing prices. In the end we did the job ourselves.

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