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7 Oct 2010

Bubble facts with Hans Rosling

Yesterday Hans Rosling gave one of his famous lectures about the current world situation based on statistic facts. This was arranged by THINK Global School and as a very kind gesture they invited everyone for free and filled Cirkus in Stockholm. Watch the presentation online

20 Sep 2010

Choosing a tool because the IT department says you have to is like accepting an artistic commission while handcuffed; it’s possible to do good work, but you’re set up to fail. - Jonathan Kahn

17 Sep 2010

Time flies with Simon


Simon Westerlund will strengthen our mobile platform development this autumn. At last we will get more visible time or at least in an iPhone.

9 Sep 2010

This seasons hockey secrets are revealed


We just came back from the Swedish Hockey League's (Elitserien) press conference. Our hard work with this years media guide (Mediaguiden) is finally over. Every hockey team upload their own information to our secure database. Today, the secret is revealed which player, plays where. The book is spiced with Gregor Von Konows intriguing statistics. All wrapped up in a cover with a wooden touch.

4 Sep 2010

Music video recording with Sounds of Nonno

Video production is somewhat an unexplored territory for me, but I've learned a lot these days. Even though this was a very low budget shoot, we had access to stage lights and some excellent cameras which will probably show in the end result.

I'll post the video as soon as it's released.


26 Aug 2010

If I'd asked my customers what they wanted,
they'd have said a faster horse.
– Henry Ford

24 Aug 2010

New plans at Camp Singö

The team got together at Singö last week to discuss some new ideas
for Snowfire which will be developed, tested and released this week.

New features

  • Step by step flow on to create a website without touching to code.
  • Use the website navigation inside Snowfire to jump between pages and create new ones on the fly.
Snowfire - Create your own website

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