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10 Jan 2011

Snowfire soon in Swedish

High Spirit, LAN and all crammed in one room. With our fresh application it is a breeze to translate Snowfire from English to Swedish. Hey, c'mon which language will be next?

Update: Snowfire is now available in swedish.

22 Dec 2010

Send a 3D Christmas card to your loved ones

Have you sent christmas cards to your loved ones yet? We've released this years 3D christmas card generator, Snowfire Card, with geo tagging. Upload a photo, write a greeting and send it to your friend via email.

Take a look at our globe to see how the christmas cards travels around the world and track how your card travels.

17 Dec 2010

MyNewsdesk vs mimmin

This morning the mimmin team were challenged. With three years experience of hunting feathers, would it be enough to beat our opponent? We must say that we had a tough game. Lots of laughs but in the end we were defeated. Well done Martin Lundgren at MyNewsdesk. We are looking forward to the next game. Who are up for the challenge?

11 Dec 2010

Stockholm got pimped during the night

Early Christmas shopper got taken aback this morning. The whole inner City from Stockholm Centralstation to Stureplan was decorated with posters. The webdesign competition is finally on. It must have been hundreds brave ones out this night to cover such a huge area. Thank you all. How kind and thoughtful.
Are you the awesome webdesigner we are all looking for? Challenge your mates.

9 Dec 2010

Are you an awesome web designer?

Yes, folks we're throwing a web design competition and launched it secretly last week. Today, we proudly present the first jury member, Tara Kingsley. UK.
Watch this space. There will be more hot names revealed during the winter.
This is Get real, Get visual for people with passion for web.
Design a beautiful website theme and integrate it with Snowfire.
It might be you who wins a camera and earns money during your sleep.

24 Nov 2010

Digital footprints - Video from our SACO seminar

Emil Sundberg & Ditte Hammarström show you how easily it is to find a job or even create one. Their mission is "Live your passion". They also talk about 5 Internet trends to look out for. The seminar is in swedish.

19 Nov 2010

We're guiding students to follow their passion

22 000 students are gathering for two days in Stockholm at the SACO student fair (Studentmässa 2010). Mimmin will hold seminars about your digital footprint, how to create your own job and follow your passion. We look at 5 future web trends that we think is important to know. Meet us at 14pm, seminar room B3 at Stockholmsmässan. 

Our slides (prezi)

1 Nov 2010

Friend – Sounds of Nonno

The music video I helped making is finally here. We filmed it with Canon 7d and 550d over a couple of days. The song is called Friend by Sounds of Nonno.


24 Oct 2010

A star is born

Photoshoot of Roger

Fantastic morning together with Roger, Tina and their staff. Photographer Per Dahl did a great job! When Webbekos site is up and running, it will be easy to ask Roger everything you need to know about accounting and taxes :)

15 Oct 2010

What is underneath the Icehotel?

Icehotel in summer

Imagine, in a few week this gravel pitch will be transformed to 2010's Icehotel.

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Sweden is the most creative country in the world according to Business Insider :) Emil Sundberg profile image Emil Sundberg 9 years ago via twitter