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Sharing knowledge @FOWD, London 2011

What is happening in our Industry right now? What will the Future hold? Imagine you fill a room with more than 400 people living/breathing/doing the same passion that yourself and that you will be able to engage, discuss and compare different angels of the Future of Web Design during three days. All in a very informal way, sitting on bean bags or whilst grabbing a coffee.  An amazing line of speakers covering different topics of Web Design. We would especially like to thank the speakers; Elliot Jay Stocks, Aarron Walther, Dan Rubin and Aral Balkan for caring for us, the attendees and staying around for the whole conference. That was warm hearting. #FOWD.

Snowfire - Create your own website

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Sweden is the most creative country in the world according to Business Insider :) Emil Sundberg profile image Emil Sundberg 9 years ago via twitter